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Episodes 4 and 5 of A NZ Freeride Story span across the Southern Hemisphere from New Zealand to Argentina.

The NZ Clubbies are infamous around the world for their rope tows and are quickly gaining a reputation for pumping out serious big mountain freeriders.  I’ve cut my teeth here in competitive big mountain riding and Episode 4 at Temple Basin highlights the potential here.



In Episode 5, A NZ Freeride Story heads to Argentina and back to New Zealand to chase snow and show another side of freeriding – splitboarding.



Earlier this season I was approached by good friend, Lachlan Humphreys of the Daily Dump Snow Report to see if I would be interested in collaborating on a filming project for the 2013 NZ Winter season.  Given the time frame and what we were looking to accomplish, I agreed and A NZ Freeride Story was born.


We took the month of August to shoot four episodes and will re-visit the project for the final two episodes in early October.  Although the official episodes are not yet released, I thought I would post a few photos and videos highlighting what we’ve been up to so far.


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Getting it done at the Opening Ceremony for the World Heli Challenge.


Lachlan getting the shot and generally pointing the camera at my at all opportunities.


Stef Zeestraten deep in the white room behind TC.


Same TC zone, different characters – Patagonia Ambassadors and Jones Riders Alex Yoder and Forest Shearer scoping my backyard.


Helluva surprise birthday party thrown into the middle.  Thanks Sofi and Richie!


We were stoked to spend 5 days at Temple Basin, NZ’s freeride mecca with Chief of Operations and bad ass Todd Windle.


Sitting at the top of a ridge waiting to drop at the Black Diamond Big Mountain at Temple Basin.


Hiking lines at Temple with a posse scattered down the ridge.


Freshies at Treble Cone.


Lake Wanaka water sports.

Lachlan’s winning edit for the World Heli Challenge ION Clip:

Sneak preview of Episode 2 of a NZ Freeride Story – Lachlan’s edit for the World Heli Challenge:



I rarely get to use a head cam, but here are a few shots from an afternoon mission with Ruari MacFarlane after we both blew out of the Black Diamond Big Mountain Event….

Here’s a little edit some filmers put together from six days  of competition spread out over a few days…  I got roped into narrating the video, I think they must like the thick American accent!


I had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with Shane O this past season shredding lines in the New Zealand Clubfields as well deeper in the backcountry.  In the final episode of The Clubbies you get a glimpse into the eyes of a snowboarder who’s seen more terrain in NZ than most see in a life time.