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I am honored to release the final episode of A NZ Freeride Story. Rather than focus on snowboarding, we made a push to delve into surfing in one of the picturesque locations in New Zealand with a good friend of mine, Warrick Mitchell, Founder of Awarua Guides.  However, this was no ordinary surf trip.  Due to the remote nature of the Awarua Guides lodge, access is limited to helicopter, plane, boat and by foot.


Warrick, has spent a lifetime discovering the hidden gems of the region and showed us just a few of the daily rituals such as offshore fishing and diving, surf hunting by boat, sunset bonfires, feasts of epic proportions and story telling around the table. Some friends Lyndon Hutton, Lachlan Humphreys, Alex Carter and Warrick helped to etch a moment in time for a few days before all our paths led a in different directions and mine commenced onto the Freeride World Tour.


Thanks to Carlton Dry, iON, Epic TV, Awarua Guides, Greenstone Helicopters, and Mons Royale for helping to make this trip a success.


Produced by:
Clean Line Productions | Lachlan Humphreys & Colin Boyd


Civilian Sol – Danny Fairly
1st track – Maskless Masquerade
3rd track – Brother Man
4th track – Patupaiarehe

Smoke Stack Rhino
2nd track – Riverside



Episodes 4 and 5 of A NZ Freeride Story span across the Southern Hemisphere from New Zealand to Argentina.

The NZ Clubbies are infamous around the world for their rope tows and are quickly gaining a reputation for pumping out serious big mountain freeriders.  I’ve cut my teeth here in competitive big mountain riding and Episode 4 at Temple Basin highlights the potential here.



In Episode 5, A NZ Freeride Story heads to Argentina and back to New Zealand to chase snow and show another side of freeriding – splitboarding.