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The past week has been a blast.  I’ve been on snow six out of six days and have been everywhere from the local ski mountains to the most unrealistic low level places due to the epic twenty year storm.  I will upload more photos on the trip later, but for please visit my Instagram page for a few shots.  Above is a wee clip from Treble Cone’s Opening Day.  The Opening Day conditions were the best since I’ve been here and the patrollers were saying the best part of the ski-field (most extreme) was in the best condition they had ever seen….  Check out my shot in the video from .54 seconds.  Thanks to Jase at Basket Productions for shooting.


I’ve spent the last three weeks settling back into life in New Zealand.  For once I have to say it has been a pleasure to keep my feet still and get back into a routine!  Although there isn’t any snow flying at the moment, I did manage to get a few photos and stories published in some New Zealand magazines.  There is always something different about flipping through a magazine compared to a website.  Rifling through both NZ Skier and NZ Snowboarder allows you to catch up on what everyone has been up since the spring and gives you that little bit of extra stoke to make it through the last few weeks of fall in NZ.


ON Magazine – 2013 Winter Issue – Photo by Mickey Ross

The NZ Snowboarder Winter Issue was released in May and it held a feature story from a trip I was invited on in September of last year.   Joel Wescott, the author of the story captures it all in great detail along with photos by Phil Ericson.  Fellow big mountain shredders Rauri MacFarlane and Scott Heale made the trip as well as Leroy Christenson.  The scans are not epic quality, but order yourself a mag from NZ Snowboarder if you’re keen to have a better look.


Booting up in the Wanganui Club House with Ngarahoe in the background!

NZ_SNowboarder_Whakapapa_5-13 1

Scott Heale bailed on the contest to do this all day, what a legend!

NZ_SNowboarder_Whakapapa_5-13 2

Leeroy up top riding in the storm.  Ruari MacFarlane down low sending it in the sluff.

NZ_SNowboarder_Whakapapa_5-13 4

Joel Wescott nails the story.

NZ_SNowboarder_Whakapapa_5-13 3

My morning session before the contest.

A story that I wrote up on Fox Glacier a few years ago was brought back to life in this years NZ Snow Guide.  Not much content had changed, but great to see it published.


Snow_Guide 2

The Freeride World Tour has also announced their 2014 Schedule which I am already getting amped for.  I ended up qualifying the number 1 spot for the Americas region and now have the privilege to compete with some of the world’s most competitive extreme big mountain snowboarders starting in December.  I really have my work cut out for me this year, but am stoked to compete on this level.  Hope to see some of your faces in these locations!

Screen shot 2013-06-07 at 2.30.58 PM