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Travels through America

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After pursuing the WFQT in California and New Mexico  and visiting my extended family in Oklahoma, I headed home for a few weeks of down time.  Of course down time is not really in my vocabulary and I was back in the water within 12 hours of landing with good friends surfing pumping waves at New Hampshire’s premier break, Rye Rocks.  This was followed with a few snowboarding trips and some much needed family time.


Rye Rocks on a good sized wintery day

IMG_2967Surfing in the snow


SO good to hang with my sis and bro


Early season Tuckermans Ravine


With Tom Lanagan – jack knife of all trades


Always pop in to say hello to this crew


Spending some time honing in the shot with my old man


Maine vibes


Hunting rabbits


Maple Syruping with new and old friends


A fine collection of pots by Woody Hughes (my ceramics professor) at the Mill Hill Inn

Following two weeks at home I was fortunate enough to fly down to Argentina to visit my girlfriend Sofi for three weeks.  The furthest south I had ever traveled to in the Americas was Panama, and at the time I knew that if I wanted to head below the Panama Canal I had to be prepared for another extended epic journey.  I didn’t have it in me at the time, so was very excited to have the opportunity to visit.   My Spanish skills were similar to my 8th grade self  and I often found myself speaking slurs and using many a hand motion to illustrate my thoughts.  My simple questions in Espanol were often answered in English and the Spanglish communication style sufficed for the time.


Flying over the Amazon

In the first few days there we joined most young people in Buenos Aires at the Pepsi Music Fest where Hot Chip, the Black Keys and Pearl Jam were headlining the second night.  Here I got an amazing tast of Argentine culture as the crowds pulsed to Pearl Jam late into the night.  Eddie Vetter spoke to the crowd and here I witnessed what was probably the most amazing interaction between a crowd and a band.  Their encore seemed longer than the main set and the crowd never stopped singing the words.  Sofi expleained to me that a few years ago a stampede at a Pearl Jam show resulted in over 50 deaths and that PJ always made sure it was one of the top shows of the year.


Front row at Hot Chip!

We spent three or four days away at El Campo the following weekend, which for those of you who can’t interperet means The Camp.  Here we spent our days touring the countryside by truck or horse and the evenings by the bonfire/bbq, (we being five girls and me!).  It was here that I realised the Argentine BBQ is a cultural event and is a fantastic way to share time and a meal. 


Las Chicas in la chatta


Horse back riding into the sunset


El campo in a collage

We also decided to embark on a wee mission up to the most Northern provinces of Argentina for a week away from the madness of Buenos Aires.  Salta and Ju’Juy are about two hours flight north west and the provinces border Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia.  We rented a car in Salta and hit the road for a week.  We travelled from cities to one donkey towns and visited some amazing places.  The landscape was sublime in every interpretation of the word and changed with each gain or drop in altitude.


The mountain of seven colors – Purmamarca


Wildlife, this thing was about 3 ft long


Drinks for two


Sofi in exploration mode in the Valley of Enchantment


Epic driving conditions




Sunrise ridge walk


One of my favorite places of the trip


Chili pepper harvest


Lots of llamas

IMG_3663 Lots of colors

Having lived in New Zealand for most of the last five years, I was not expected to see such beauty in the landscapes in Argentina.  It was backed up with a whole-hearted and generous culture that left me wanting more.  But, I had to head home for the last leg of my trip before heading back to NZ.  This was filled with more family time, a few ski days, some surfing and of course a bit of pirate action.


Tuckerman’s Ravine going off in Spring. 


Pirate Party Cinco de Mayo Booze Cruise


One of my most prized possessions – 9’6 Yater


A bit more target practice


Last trip of the year up to Tuckerman’s Ravine


Huge effort by my bro, Johnny B to make it up to the Bowl!  So proud!


Dress up with my parents


First birthday party’s and communions with my cousins kids


Tending to the bees with family friends


Exploring the hillsides of Coastal California


Remember friends, insert guacamole into mouth, not onto face.  Next update from NZ!  Ciao Americas!