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Boyd-Blog has been neglected for the past few weeks and months, but not without reason!  Please find some other links/photos on what has been occupying my time as of late.


I finally joined the IPhone crowd and am relishing the Instagram game despite my tardiness.  New Zealand is a fantastic place to be an amateur photographer and I am enjoying the social aspect of it all. Check out my new Iphone photo blog at

I officially entered man-hood after gutting and processing my first deer.  I still have yet to shoot a deer as I am a horrid shot, but my dog Lola is a savage….  Story told in full bloody detail at some point!

I began writing for two different ski-field operations in New Zealand this year, Treble Cone and Chill (a 12 mountain ski pass).  Check the links for a few different posts:

Colin Boyd on Chillout – Splitboarding at the Garden of Eden, The Forgotten Club Field, Soul Shredding, Big Mountain Riders at Chill Series

Colin Boyd on Treble Cone – Injuries 101, NZ Snowboarder Banked Slalom, Soul Shredding

I have also been trying to get my legs back under me and snowboarding when I can.  My competitive circuit has begun and thus far I’ve ended up in 5th place at the NZ Snowboarder Banked Slalom and 2nd overall at the K2 Big Mountain 4 day Chill series.  Visit Chill and the Daily Dump Snow Report for videos and press.  Here are a few photos from the past two events:

Buttress in the background.

First competitive cliff drop of 2012.

Mons Royale neck warmer birth