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After 3 months of rehab I thought I might share some of my friends’ experiences I have vicariously lived through.  Follow up and check the links, these kids are legit:


Warrick Mitchell – Exploring Fiordland and More

This fella happens to know the most isolated part of New Zealand as well if not better than any other Tom, Dick or Harry out there. He’s constantly on the mission and always come back full of stories, new plans and generally a package of fresh fish or venison.  Check out his post on rafting and fishing in the rarely explored backcountry of Fiordland, New Zealand.


Graham Zimmerman – Beta on the Healing Process

Kiwi-merican – GZ shares his knowledge on how he recovered from a severe ice climbing injury suffered while a few 100 ft off the deck in NZ.  The GZ sends large rock and ice laden monoliths for fun.  His advice is taken to heart always.  Fortunately he was there to help get through the early days leading up to and throughout the knee surgery.  His most memorable advice was to: watch Battle Star Galactica, drink Umcka (Chinese Medicine), watch Fight Club, listen to Nine Inch Nails, and feel it.


Camilla Stoddart – Summer on the Farm (NZ)

Camilla was recently voted as a finalist in the Pro Photographer Showdown facing stiff competition from Southern Mainer, Brian Nevins & Burton Team Manager Adam Moran amongst others.  Although she didn’t win, this girl can shoot photos!  Oh ya, and she scored Japan eye ball deep…again!  Check out some of her blog posts for a unique look into Japan, New Zealand and more.


Dougal Allan – When the Good times turn bad (Speights Coast to Coast)

Dougal is perhaps the most dedicated athlete I have ever known.  For example, after setting the record on the Lake Hawea Epic Mountain Bike Race (125 km of undulating terrain) in 4 hours 36 minutes and 34 seconds, he set off on a two hour run in anticipation for the Brazilian 5 – 10 day adventure race he’s been invited to join.  This cat is years before his prime so keep an eye out as he travels competing in some of the most physically and mentally exhausting events known to man.


Heather Boyd – Apres All Day

My sister has done a fantastic job capturing the life we all want to live.  Check in for daily style and life inspiration.


Brendan Murphey – 43 degrees

A glimpse into Iphonography from the eyes of the Murph – Soul Surfer, Snowboarder, Creative Director, Marketing Guru, amongst other things…



Sam Smoothy – Close but no cigar

Sam punched his way through from nowhere to leading the World Freeride Tour this year.  Although he fell in his final line of the event of the year, he did NZ proud and showed it is possible to walk onto the tour and kick ass!


Thanks friends.  Keep crushing it!


Trevien Stanger, a good friend and literary enthusiast needs your help!  He has walked the world seeking experiences that few have had and now he intends to write a novel about those very things most are scared to find.  Help him by going to his Kickstarter by clicking this link.  If you just want some inspiration watch the video.  Well worth it.  Thanks Trev.

For more of his work, check out his website.