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My camera has been inoperable for about six weeks now but it sits shutters open to the world on the Canon operating table.  Hopefully it will be back soon, but in the mean time I will reach into the past to pull up some shots/missions.  In light of the daylight savings and soft snow, I figured I may as well start with a wee afternoon at Treble Cone with good friend and legit photographer, Takahiro Nakanishi.  We decided to hike out to the Matukituki Valley with Hayden Seddon and shape up a wee natural hip.  Nothing to write home about, but methods will always be the most fun trick in the book.


Strangely enough these photos were shot exactly one year ago….


I am having issues imbedding some video into this blog, so to watch this video, please click the photo and it will take you to a fresh link. ¬†Here you’ll catch a glimpse of Jordan Decker’s (2nd place) perspective on the Export Extremes. ¬†He has been a long time competitor and definitely put up some tough competition coming in 2nd place both days. ¬†Approximately 6 minutes into the video my line is shot in full, please excuse my lame stop before the crux….haha.


During the K2 Big Mountain comp, Ruari M., Shane O and myself took spent an evening hiking some skinny couloirs out behind Mt Olympus.  The rock climbing into the chutes took more time than expected and I think all of us were happy to strap on the boards and get out of there!

It has taken some time to decompress after the dual island road trip across NZ.  With 4-5 internationals loaded into the Subaru, the trip was cosy as an overstuffed laundry hamper only much more animated.  The 20+ hour trip included stops in scenic Kaikoura, Wellington Рthe raddest city in NZ, and the inevitable broken down vehicle in the middle of nowhere.  This was remedied by a quick lift in the tow truck and a few cases of beer to wash down the setting sun in our new home, National Park, just outside of Mt Ruapehu on the North Island.

1,166 KM / 17 hours, 18 minutes – Google Maps

Harry G РThe Interislander Ferry is always way more comfortable on top deck, rather than in the Flaming Coffin Gallows!  

My camera had decided to stop working prior to the trip, so I was utilising my low mega-pixel Ipod Touch. ¬† Please close your eyes slightly to see through the lack of mega-pixel action. I had previously posted the first day’s video via The Daily Dump Snow Report, but for another ski angle check the videos on ¬†I happen to prefer the Daily Dump videos, because they are posted daily, they include snowboarding, and the guys are rad…so have a look at the following for a view on the snowboard finals:

I laid down the winning run and came away with a fat pay check and a bunch of points for the World Freeride Qualifying Tour Рstoked!  After missing the event due to injury the past few years, I was really happy to get a result.

Following a big night out shutting down all the local bars Will J, Abby L, Jordan Decker, Ben Stewart and I took a stroll with Phil Ericson of NZSnowboarder Mag the following day to have a sniff around the volcanic crater.  We were all pretty hungover, but managed to pull a few things together.  We stayed around through the alpine glow and sunset, though you may have to wait until the next issue to see those shots.  Here you will have to once again squint those eyes to see the full IPOD view!

The Crew

The view

Ben on the mission

Moon walk


Champagne + Cats = Nat S.

After shredding the best the North Island had to offer and drinking National Park under the table while dancing on tables with the rowdiest crew in NZ, it was time to leave before things got real messy. ¬† I split early to catch some good friends down in Wellington before hopping aboard the Subaru for the wayward journey home. ¬†The Daily Dump highlights the last day in National Park and another afternoon dragging heavy bags over many miles… ¬†It is always well rewarded though with good friends there upon arrival and the good times begin again!

Wellington sunrise from Jet and Michelle’s couch!

Liam Hall and Riley Bathurst have put together their edit from the 4-day K2 Big Mountain Extreme Comp located in the Clubfields of NZ. ¬†I have previously written a post¬†about the event,¬†but these guys highlight the snowboarding perspective, something that is often overlooked in competitions such as these…

There was a lot of rock hopping thanks to Ruari McFarland, but it was well worth the effort.  I did finally get my board into the shop, which has since cost me the reasonable price of two twelve packs and a sixer for bonus work.

I think my boss from¬†Black Diamond Tours in Japanhad the best comment so far by saying, “I hope all you guys won new boards….geesh!” ¬†– Clayton.

Riley and Liam have also working on a season long three part series based on the New Zealand Club Fields.  As much as I like to keep critical secrets like these to myself, I figured I would share some perspective on a place that has captivated my and many others imaginations for so long.  Keep an eye out for the latest webisodes soon.

Extreme – The word of the week at Mt Ruapehu’s Export 33 Extreme Big Mountain event.

I will update further when I have more time, but in the interim please check out the Daily Dump edit from the first day of the event. ¬†These fellas have done an amazing job covering the events thus far this season. ¬† The snow was rock solid and surely tested everyone’s ability, but I managed to come out in the top spot heading into the finals day!