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Holy Guac-o-mole!

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I never bmx’d because it freaked me out. This is totally insane, as Adub wrote, they are playing in a video game!


Snowboarding in May is not always a typical occasion.  The snow is usually gone, mountains are shut and I usually want nothing to do with snow at that time.  But a trip to Tuckerman’s Ravine is hard to pass up, especially in 60 degree spring weather.  We pieced it together following a pirate party from the night before, hence the pirate jerseys and made the most of the spring slushy coulouirs on hand.  Although it didn’t quite look like this first photo, we drank enough Tuckerman’s to make it appear that way.

Late March photo of Tucks – note left hand side for Hillman’s Highway and Dodge’s

Late season coulouir shred 

Hello Mr Washington

Top of NH, overlooking Wildcat (top left of first photo)

Last May I teamed up with Melody, a pal from back in VT to tackle a bike/hike trip deep into the Matukutuki Valley outside of Wanaka, New Zealand.  I had been down the valley a handful of times, and found the scenary and isolation to be among the most outstanding I had experienced in NZ.  With a sack of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, bikes and light packs, we blazed trail dodging sheep shit and orcs…

Mel dodging the sheep bricks

Nothin like brisk-swift-swim in glacial melt

Mt Barf – Look close on the lower bluff to see the Lismore Hut

Both slinging Canon G Cameras – we geeked out and took pictures of each other…

Upper Valley & Lismore Hut from Kea vantage point

It got gnarly…

As I prep to head back down towards NZ I look at a trip like this and reflect on why the engrained desire to travel to an isolated country at the bottom of the world, far from these familiar stomping grounds under foot now is upon me.  At the same time I have realised traveling deep into the Matukituki allowed me to lift the veil that I had previously cast over the beauty of life at home.

I recently got an email from a friend who has since departed for a portion of the world that may have never been visited before by any human being.  In a world of gloibilisation, I found this to be way awesome and wanted to share it with whomever clicks through here.  Check out their blog, which is updated occasionally from their home base on the Lacuna Glacier.

Pirates of Rad – Return of the Jolly Roger