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Worth your 2 minutes

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Posted: April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The following video is the first of 20 educational podcasts, known as the Crash Course by economist, Chris Martensen. ¬†If you’ve been interested in economics, the environment, energy or how the three are tied together in our human plight towards the unknown, I highly suggest cutting out some time to watch the Crash Course.

‚ÄúAll truth passes through three stages.¬† First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, third, it is accepted as being self evident.‚ÄĚ ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

With the first leg of the trip coming to a close with a killer Brother Ali show at the Cowboy Bar I was unsure how the party could continue, but seeing as the legendary JH Gaper Day was on Friday and closing day was Sunday, there was a smorgasbord of PBRs on tap and plenty of hooligans in tote.  It kind of looked like this:

HB sendin Corbet’s

Don on 210s droppin into Corbets (scary).  Photo РHB Iphone

Below is a brief montage of the Thunder Bumps throwdown. ¬†If you haven’t experienced Thunder Bumps on Gaper Day – it is hard to explain in words but most simply described as a ski fraternity stashed away in the mountains. ¬†Below is a traditional rite of passage – spread eagles and daffy’s!

DW @ full extension

My old roomate Lizzie and my sis

Best dressed…?

Traditional JH shot for the family Christmas cards…

Antoine and Camille (my old French flatmates from NZ) heard about the party and drove down from Fernie. ¬†At the van’s new owner’s suggestion we had a Vance Party.

Van sticker job – clearly the fruit and veg stickers weren’t in fashion.

Closing day was just as fun as Gaper Day and the mountain even picked up a few fresh inches.

Antoine might have gotten photo of the day for this one… (HB – Iphone)

Tommy L and Dubs in Corbet’s maybe for the 8th time in about 4 days

Coombs Cave was the place to be. ¬†Fireworks, grillin, snowballs and absolute heckling at the poor bastard who couldn’t get into the cave. ¬†Instead of a few snowballs, he just got lit up with a few packs of ¬†fire crackers…FYI – Pretending like you don’t know how to shred on gaper day is cool, on the other hand not knowing how to shred on Gaper Day is means for torture. ¬†Beware.

Last tram of the season!



As the northern tip of the Mississipi river slides past on the wrong side of the plane and you know its all a memory.

Dancing light over Lake Michigan

Aerial maneuvers over Chicago


Thanks everyone for making this trip such a blast! ¬†It wouldn’t have been possible nor as fun without all of ya’ll. ¬†Come down to NZ in September and we’ll do it again kiwi style.

Any way you want to do it – put the hole in the soul or the soul in the hole, it all comes out the same in the end. ¬†Every time I roll towards WY I get a bit nervous as I know what is in store just over the Teton Pass. ¬†Jackson Hole is home to some of the heaviest in bounds terrain in the lower 48 without mentioning what lies beyond the gates. ¬†After a handful of trips and a 3 month stint in 2009 I still get the ol’ butterfly’s but strangely enough, this time around I couldn’t have been more excited with my $360 round trip ticket score – thanks AA. ¬†Not only was the airfare a steal, but the copious crew already set up out there, the line up of shows and end of the season parties made the trip a must. ¬†After a 2.5 week hiatus from the snow, I was stoked to pack the bags again, and jump into the 4 AM departure.


Here’s what the first week of the trip looked like in a few photos:

Who knew Logan was so dang pretty at 5 AM?

Also kind of scary when birds attack….

Thanks to Bradsell @ Burton for shippin out a fresh set of proto’s! ¬†Got them out of the box and onto the Teton pass within hours of arriving.

We went through lots of these – although it was a first going through this particular shot into Granite

Punter backcountry – no hiking necessary.

Katchafire all the way from Aotearoa!

The only way to get the crowd to stop cheering for the encore was to fool them into turning around with fireworks – it was childsplay.

Big Sis debating whether or not to Hill Climb

If you haven’t heard of the World Championship Jackson Hole Hill Climb, you should probably You Tube that shit

Or take my word for it…this 7-month pregnant lady clearly had her eyes on the prize

And the crowd went wild

And we drank beer… (Photo HB)

I was lucky enough to catch up with a friend who I last saw walking down the road in Guatemala after a few thousand mile road trip down the southern half of North America. ¬†He was bent on shredding Central Couloir – that big ol’ white dash down that big ol’ slab a rocks – I completely agreed.

Although we were about the 30th and 31st people to go through that day (look closely, there are 3 cats in there), we still had a good time.  I especially enjoyed the gargantuan bomb hole at the mando air out at bottom.  Olly big my friends.

Check out Matt Tosi’s Blog to get a glimpse of what this kid was up to last summer climbing up cliff’s exponentially scarier than that we thang.

Burton also showed up in style with about 250 dealers and reps from all over the country. ¬†I was stoked to catch up with my old work mates from BVT at ¬†The Rare Gallery art showing (thanks LG and TK) and around the mountain festivities. ¬†As it was a cherry poppin trip for a couple of the crew, I was stoked to have at least a couple beers, a few shakas and methods with the boys before they departed. ¬†It was a quick trip, but they timed it well getting the best snow before it turned to SLUSH… (Photo: HB Iphone)

PS РCheck out those early protos!  The first one is frickin fiberglass!

The other end of the spectrum on the timeline… (HB Iphone)

As it was RPK2 (potentially snowing 6+ inches) that night we ducked out of the after party early with plans to catch an early box. ¬†Don delivered and by 8:36 AM we were at a tram’s pace racing up the mountain. ¬†This is not your typical experience and I was stoked even though the snow outside was more like snowy/ice/rain blobs… than Japanese blower pzow – but who’s comparing? Anyway – Jeremy Jones, Xavier de la Rue and their filmers had made it up to the private early morning party at Corbet’s Cabin, TGR was making moves into SnS or some gnar line down Breakneck, so we decided to get macho and take a hike out south side laying track in some tough conditions. ¬†We pulled the pin after everyone agreed it wasn’t getting any better, and ducked into some interesting turns into Green River.

We headed back for another tram lap and Don and I bumped into our old buddy TK, the Burton historian and main man behind the show above with LG. ¬†He happened to be shredding with legends Bryan Iguchi and Mark Carter and invited us along for a lap. ¬†Corbet’s -> Expert Chutes -> Paint brush -> Terje Hit -> Dick’s Ditch…. ¬†Needless to say we had some fun.

As Jackson would not be complete without the Hole, please come back for the next installment over the next few days.



As I depart Jackson Hole I have to share this video which came out just two days ago.  Tristan Рthe filmer/producer as well as a handful of the athletes were also on the last tram up the mountain clearly attesting to the legitimacy of this place.  Peace out Jackson



After arriving at home the itch to get out in the hills I grew up on became overpowering. ¬† The $17 St. Patty’s Day lift ticket special for Waterville Valley, Attitash/Bear Peak and WildCat was an easy sell, especially upon discovering that you could ski Attitash and WildCat with the same ticket. ¬†All the ingredients were lining up for a mid-week road trip – my mate Brian was easily convinced so we split at 7AM up good ol’ Route 16, listenin to The Shark and yarnin about Sixth Grade Sunday Ski Trips.

Attitash was fun, it seemed a bit smaller from my junior highschool memories.  After bashing around both Attitash and Bear Peak and checking out some of the local outfits, we decided to hit the road up to where the party was really at РWildcat Рmeow!

What makes Wildcat so special is its steep pitch and its neighbour – Mt Washington, home of the worst weather in the world and Tuckerman’s Ravine. ¬†This mountain is New England’s big mountain epic, it is our Grand Teton, our Denali, our Cook and maybe even Everest – no that is going way too far…

Anyway, it is a big mountain haven, with only foot access during the winter/spring. ¬†Many a fond memory hath been made up at Tucks for anyone who has bathed in its glory. ¬†There are many lines in both Tuckermans (the main bowl in the middle), Huntington (bowl on lookers right) and the slide paths (on the left). ¬†I am looking forward to getting back up there this year as there is plenty of snow and plenty of Tuckerman’s Beer to drink.

Speaking of Tuckerman’s Beer, the local Conway Brewery came out for the St. Patty’s celebration at WildCat and chucked us a few rounds of samples. ¬†As I knew one of their best customers, a fine gentleman living just up the road in Conway named Daddy-O, the sample cup never seemed to empty. ¬†Thanks again Tuckerman’s, you always make me feel at home!


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