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Velvet Burger

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I spent two days on a boat with these guys on Lake Wanaka in 2009. I just stumbled across this video and anyone who has spent anytime in Dunedin will appreciate the joke.

Shot fellas.


Dougal Allan – my first roomate in New Zealand, just took home 2nd place in the world multi-sport championships in New Zealand. Check the video to see his performance and see if you can pick up on some of the kiwi humor. Good on ya Dougarrr!

Check out Don Watkins – a good mate and now my sister’s bf ripping down the guts of Glory Bowl in the Teton Pass.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. After a tip from a friend to check out the website, I stumbled upon this video, and had to share the love. Pay it forward.

Power Trip Video

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Check this video from Team America’s Power Trip around Japan.  They threw in a couple shots of me from cruising around Hokkaido and their credits also give a classic shout out.  Edited by Walden Grindle.

Thanks guys, it was an awesome trip.

Travis Rice and Curtis Morgan have done it again.  Thats It Thats All changed the face of snowboard video production, but The Art of Flight appears to have blown this platform away in a 3 minute teaser.  I won’t bore you with my words, just do yourself a favor and watch the video – The Art of Flight, Brainfarm Productions


On Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, I had the chance to catch up with one of my life’s mentors.   Ryan Strobel was a senior at Saint Michael’s College when I entered as a freshman, and after our first bro-down, building a bar, he and his mates adopted me as mini-Strobs – a fitting title since his ID happened to look just like me.

Anyway, when Strobel and I realised we had a mutual passion for ceramics, we teamed up for an independent study the following fall.  Don’t tell my previous pottery instructor Woody, but I failed this course, due to the complete lack of pottery production.  My instructor at the time hadn’t failed me as she completely understood the situation and said I could just complete the course before I graduated, but the Office of Student Affairs had different ideas about a 3 year incomplete.  A zero in an independent study in art – nice work Boyd…anyway – enough about my rant.

Strobel has gone on to blaze a trail into the pottery world and has been studying under one of the world’s true woodfire masters for the past year.  In exchange for help around the studio, he has been able to soak up life as a professional.  He recently published his first piece of written work, which reads like any piece of passion you’ve ever read.

So next time you sit down for a cup of coffee, have a look at your mug.  How does it feel?  Is it comfortable?  Big enough?  Light enough?  Have you ever thought about it – because I can assure you – this guy thinks about it everyday.

A take on the tour, by Ryan Strobel

Ryan Strobel Ceramics

I have come up with my portfolio for the Unofficial Photo Contest.  This will be uploaded onto Facebook briefly, and if you would like to participate, please LIKE these photos on Facebook.

Thanks for your help.  Maybe if I win a fat g, I will come visit you!


Liberty Cap Luminous Experiment, Mount Iron, New Zealand

Harry Henderson, Treble Cone Closing Day, Wanaka, New Zealand


Decisions, Fox Peak, New Zealand

Snow Pirates, Temple Basin, New Zealand

Exploration, Daisetuzan National Park, Hokkaido, Japan

So, my big sis has suggested I enter the Unofficial Networks photo contest by Feb. 7th.  The contest is snow-themed but can include lifestyle, landscape, funny, etc….  I have compiled some shots, but as those of you who know me well know, I am a horrible decision maker.

To participate, please send in your comments on the top 5 photos.  If you woud like to follow up, please click through the link to find the Unofficial Networks Facebook Page and vote on these photos.

Thanks for your help.  You know I’ve got your back when you need something.


So Xavier de le Rue, one of the world’s top freeride explorers visited the main island of Japan last month to scope the mountains, the culture and of course the legend of the snow.  The mountainous regions of Honshu have had intense snowfall this year and significantly stable weather conditions, setting the Northern Alps up perfectly for this mission.


I spent a couple days in Honshu last year and was awed by the terrain on tap.  The mountains are big, the snow is deep and the terrain is generally uncharted.  I’m not sure how this trip in Japan will wrap up, but a few weeks of exploration down south is certainly in the cards.  In the mean time I will happily soak this in.