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Japan in December is not really supposed to be bluebird….but when it’s your first day anything will do.  After a classic BD Breakfast and catch up with old mates, Clayton made the call to head to Chisan to check the conditions for some of the lodge.  Of course we took the big truck and scored super fun turns under the sun!  Check it:





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I meant to get on top of this before I left home, but there never seems to be enough time to sit around  on a computer, especially when there are so many other enjoyabe things to do.   Anywho – I will pretend like this was four days ago, back when I wasn’t jet lagged and sitting on my futon in the attic of the Black Diamond Lodge in Japan.


The departure for Japan was imminent.  The to do list’s (yes there were about 17) held notes such as:

  • Buy really good health insurance
  • Sew long-johns
  • Get fit
  • Fix new found hole in head
  • Get a visa
  • and so on

I love trip preparation as it is a time to relfect on all past experiences to utilise and take only what is necessary.  I left many things at home this time around and was stoked to travel light with some new kit from the good people at Burton Snowboards.


Peace out Star Spangled Banner

The so called Storm of The Century brought down about 10 inches of the good stuff on the seacoast, but with snowfall depths hitting 34 at Bretton Woods, I almost wanted my plane to cancel.  After getting the gear packed, emails written, phone calls, and all the visitors and visiting – it was time.  With a 7 AM departure and a few hours to spare, I called the airline to double check and after hearing my fortune unfold, I quickly altered my plans, leaving me 15 minutes to wake up Daddy-O and get to the airport by 4 AM.  We made it off in good time and I  walked onto a fresh plane headed to The Land of The Rising Sun, thanks Daddy-O!


The past month was spent back in the old stomping grounds with those I love the most.  I had all sorts of projects planned for the month but everything seemed to be swallowed in time.  I did make a few crucial trips up and down NE to Brooklyn and Burlington as well as the great Southern Maine and New Hampshire Seacoast.  I was stoked to be surrounded with such good friends and catch up on what’s been happening.


The camera was put on ice for a bit – due to me leaving my battery charger in Ventura, but here are a few shots from a little place I call home.


Johnny B & Me


serious home cookin

Best roommate of all time – Nana


These are 18 ft faces….

New England Trespassing



Vermonsters (PS – ask about the new scar on my forehead)

VT Hippie Trail Map


The best Cafe in Winooski

VT would not be complete without a stop at Burton.  Cheers to the crew for the support!

Check this out:

Check out Mickey Ross shredding in Revy!

Hecho en Mexico

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When deciding to leave NZ and make the wayward journey home, I first called a few homies to check the plausibility of fulfilling a collective dream to get down and dirty in Baja California in search of fat point breakin barrels, the perfect taco and copious amounts of tequila.  The pact was made months before I even bought a ticket home and the plan for another Mexico trip began to unfold like laundry.

In mid-November the A-Team assembled in LA after a few miscommunications surrounding air ports, timing, precise locations, etc…(Not A Team priorities).  Anyway, after a 13 hour flight and a couple years of neglect, it was agreed that a night out in Santa Monica was essential to kick the trip off right.  Carnage and chaos was kept to a minimum, but it was clear the next 12 days were going to be full of jokes.

We rolled up to Ventura, aka Man-Camp-Home-Base, and quickly headed out the door again to check the local surf at Silver Strands.  We were greeted with solid 3 -4 ft fun looking surf and about 3 hundred dudes in the water (thanks California), and I got the ol’ “Oh it looks like you forgot your leg rope…” trick.  Fun..ny…  All bs aside, the surf turned out to be super fun and unknown to us, the best of the trip.

After a night on the town and a surf we turned straight to action mode.  We pillaged the grocery store with our trusty food stamp collection, Walmart didn’t even see us coming and the Ventura thrift shops must of thought we were gettin kitted for some unusual behaviour.  Stand out purchases included a Louisiville Slugger, Yellow Zinc and golf clubs.

With the truck kitted&fitted and our own gear sorted we hit the road at 3:30 AM for Tijuana.  The last stops at the border felt like a bad dream…car insurance, human insurance, phone calls, no sleep – blah blah blah.  Anyway, we made it into Mexico by 10:30 and after some shenanigans, they let us in.  5 hours and about 25 tacos later we were gettin deep into Baja Norte.  We realised early on that we had timed our trip with the inagaural Baja 1000 and as seen in the photos – we sought advice onto the best desert zone to speculate some cactus smashing action.  Although this never happened, we like to dream.

Anyway, we made it to our turn off at the end of the second day after some serious Agro Crag Domination and boulder-caving through snake and tarantula infested mountains.   After what seemed like a 3 hour trip through burly Baja roads we eventually navigated our way to the ocean and pulled up camp on a huge point some 250 meters above the ocean.  This was homebase for a couple nights and days and we explored all around by vehicle, foot and surfboard….Due to the lack of surf, we probed the local fisherman for some lobster and ended up kicking it with the local crew for a few hours as we shared the rum and they shared their fresh catch (Lobster, Octopus, some spanish sounding fish…).

We proceeded south for the next 5 or 6 days on the most isolated and deserted roads I have ever seen.  We did not run into a single vehicle for the breadth of the mission south and the only traffic was a single cow.  Although we were skunked by the waves, the trip in itself was fulfilling as we were so completely out there, any minor mistake would have proved to be disastrous.

After we closed this leg of the trip we made our way north and decided a night in Ensanada was completely necessary to wrap up the trip.  We designated a 24 hour/50 cent Taco Stand as our haunt for the evening and proceeded down the path of muy baracho.  We ended up getting super local and a couple of us spent some time in an inescapable zoo for the evening.

We crawled out of Mexico nursing hangovers, without a single penny to give to our road side saviour who shaved about 5 hours off the Tijuana border wait and with stupid smiles stretching from ear to ear.  So long Mexico.  See you on the next road trip!

Are you concerned with the amount of CO2 emissions you put out? I am, but then I see deals like these and jump on planes back to the Land Down Under and blow any amount of recycling efforts I completed over the past year.  I promise I will ride my bike everyday, grow my own vege’s, and stop releasing pungent methane gas!

Anyway – Check it out:

$499 each way tix to Australia/NZ for next winter. Deal ends December 13th.

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Nomadic Wanderings of a Gz

So I met Graham Zimmerman in New Zealand quite a few years ago now.  I’ve seen him since in his stomping grounds in and around Seattle, Washington, but he is more at home in the surprisingly jagged and stunning Cascade Mountain Range.  Using this as a training grounds, Gz sighted in bigger exposure, extreme isolation, supa-dupa altitude and just about the snowiest and harshest winter climates any of you punks (myself included) have ever even dreamed of.  Check out his blog to see for your self:


So after a wee gchat with the Radpot initiator himself, I figured I would scope his blog again and see how he was ‘hanging’ in Kathmandu.  By hanging I literally mean hanging in a piece of plastic off the side of a cliff some many 1000’s of meters in the air….  Anyway while you are pondering that circus trick – check out what this homeboy has got to say about motivation.


PS – When you’re feeling slack, just snuggle up next to a jumbo salami, look in the mirror and take a bite out of crime.

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So I flew outta NZ in early November for my first legitimate stop in Australia – in hopes that all the exotic Australian tales were true; mainly lethal animals, perfect barrels and gorgeous women.  I was a bit perturbed to find that Australia was ranked one of the fattest countries in the world, crocodiles do not live in Sydney and the ocean decided to make like a pancake – though way more salty than savory.

Illusions aside, Australia proved to be a fantastic week.  Thanks to some great Irish mates in downtown Sydney, I was able to get amongst some killer skylight views and only had to lug my gear a few blocks through the city.  I spent a large portion of my time on the Sydney train system as well, and found out well and truly why not to get on the wrong line.

I spent 2 nights in Avoca Beach, about 1.5 hours north of the city.  It was a perfect place to lay out my first turns in Australian water on a fun chunky right point break.

This was followed up with 2 nights in Gerringong, 2.5 hours south of Sydney.  This leg of the trip opened my eyes to the apron of the real Ozzy experience.  I wish I had a photo of the sunset from the surf on the first night.  Compared to the mountainous town of Wanaka, the hour log sunset refracted a gorgeous ocre from the desert sands below and gifted us a beautiful night session.  I think one day I may find some camels and get local in the desert.  Anyone keen?

One more debauchorous night in Sydney with a Scotchman and an Irishman capped off the trip in fine fashion.  We even got thrown out of one of the weirdest bars ever in Kings Cross.  Maori-Jackson AKA stomach puncher was not a fan of our anti-lasagne antics….  What kind of bar serves free lasagna anyway – weird….

Anyway – back to the US of A.  Its been awhile.