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Wa-no-nah slayed the Clutha River (Nz’s largest and the world’s 15 largest by volume), but then the Clutha slayed us on Shitter’s Ditch – a 200 meter wave train of chest high waves…

It was pretty hilarious, especially when the cooler popped open and there I was – up to my eyeballs in the Clutha with a flipped canoe, lost paddle, bobbing beers – bananas – apples and ranges all around me – all traveling at a swift rather uncomfortabel pace.  About 15 min/5km later Stevey-boy finally caught up and helped me tow the girl into the river bank….

All was inevitably salvaged save a few fruits which continued south to Cromwell – the fruit capital of NZ, one large organic beer, and an expensive pair of sun glasses.  Touche Clutha – Touche


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So Wa-no-nah waltzed into my life straight off the New World Wanaka Wall of Wonder – if you live there, you’ll know what I’m gettin at.

Anyways-she proved to navigate the waterways of Wanaka like a champ and knew no river that couldn’t be tamed.  Above are the shots from the maiden journey down the Motatapu Gorge.

Needless to say – this got pretty damn gnarly at some points – The last shots detail a small portage where the river squeezed in between two rocks with a waterway less wide than the canoe.  Wa-no-nah was almost sacrificed….

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I took a late season trip to Cardrona and the SnowPark backcountry with NZ rippers WIll Jackways & Abby Lockhart and Chilean lensman Pablo Azocar.  Avalanche danger stopped us from camping in the Cardrona backcountry, but we made use of the beautiful dayby heading across the Cardrona Valley to the Bob Lee Hut.

It turned out to be perfect weather and quite a rad trip.  Thanks guys!