Colin is an American snowboarder, surfer and adventurer who has based out of Wanaka, New Zealand for the past five years.  He has recently qualified for the snowboard division of the 2014 Freeride World Tour set to commence in Italy in the New Year.  While not in competition mode, he may also be found in Hokkaido, Japan working as a ski/snowboard guide for Black Diamond Tours, on the remote Fiordland coastline of New Zealand as an integral member of the Awarua Guides Team, and also in an office as marketing coordinator for Logic Funds Management. He’s happiest behind the wheel of a used cargo van full of gear, en route to the mountains or coast, far from the nearest cell tower. Read more about his adventures on his blog or follow him on Twitter.

  1. Kate Elliott says:

    Colin Boyd you are one beautiful human being.

    Just checked out your blog for a while! So glad you made it. Awesome pictures :)

    Keep in touch, yayyaa Japan.
    Merry Christmas Mr. Boyd and Happy New Year. 20 11 is where it’s at.

    xoxo Kate

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, Mr. Colin Boyd, quite simply I am impressed and proud of your adventure’s. Your photogragh’s are impassioned, dramatic and in some cases profound. Your eye seems to capture the yearning of your adventuresome heart. Kudo’s for sharing with the flatlander’s! Ant Lane

  3. Kyle Miller says:

    Hey Man my name is Kyle Miller and I am a splitboarder based out of the PNW looking to potentially get roudy down there this September. Seems like we have similar interest in lines. Send me a email sometime and we can talk about it.

  4. Kana says:

    Hi,I’m Kana.
    I’m Japanese snow boarder.
    I want you be friend & I want go to NZ ski resort!!

    Thank you:)

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